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At Trodden Black we love to collaborate with local artists, working together to create exciting and unique looking sauces that also taste insanely good (of course). So far we have raised £500 for charity with help from our talented artistic friends 



Leith DIY began in 2015 when a group of local skaters and parents took matters into their own hands to build an ambitious wooden ramp on the beach in Seafield. This project was well loved and became a focal point for skateboarding in the central belt; a place to hang-out, BBQ and socialise. Unfortunately, it fell victim to arson after only 6 months. Undeterred, the crew began to build again the next spring, this time in concrete. For the next two years ‘Rat City DIY’ was the place to be for skateboarding in Scotland. By the second summer, we had built a full-on concrete skatepark. By the end of that year the council (who had part funded the build) had bulldozed the entire project. Around the same time, we heard about a ‘meanwhile use hub’ popping up at a derelict site nearby. We attended meetings, pushed our agenda, and got our first legit spot. The Leith Walk ramp will be remembered fondly by many, some dubbed it ‘the best ramp’ they’d ever skated. Some legendary contests and parties were thrown, with changes to the ramp and temporary roofs being hurriedly erected. The ethos of community involvement and doing it ourselves is still going strong. We have very limited time at our current home and are looking in to moving indoors, while still staying involved with renegade builds wherever we think we can get away with it! Thanks to everyone who supports us, we won’t stop! Keep an eye out for our next project, whatever it might be…


I recycle imagery.

Rob began as an illustrator who became fascinated by the collage works in the Dadaist movement, specifically the absurd works of Hannah Höch. This combined with the rawness of Punk collage consumed him. He admired the rips and tears of texture that punk artist Jamie Reid provided. Both of these influences led him to experiment with recycling imagery, enjoying the nostalgic qualities collage has. Although he admires the feel and texture within analogue collage he realised its limitations and began combining it with the advantages of digital collage.

During his time studying a BA in Design for Interaction and Moving Image he has developed his collage illustrations into animations, life size street art pieces, and even interactive installations.

Trodden Black Design 2 CMYK ROB COMP.jpg


Darren John is best known for his work which champions creativity and playfulness. His works encourage us all to approach our worlds with more of a ‘what if..’ sense of curiosity. He says that by viewing our world through this lens will provide a much more enriched experience of life.  And indeed, we ALL deserve that right!?

Darren is certainly no stranger to using unconventional tools for making his artworks - which in itself promotes the idea of a less restricted experience of our surroundings. Here he makes use of a red chilli to create part of his very own custom label. The colours and forms perfectly mirroring the heat and the sweet packed inside this jar of pineapple inferno.

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