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We started trading in December 2018 after travelling through South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The idea to make chilli jam came to us during our travels, slowly developing our palates and our recipes as we went. But the real inspiration for our Original Red chilli jam was having loads of leftover pizza crust and nothing to dunk it in. Enter chilli jam; chuck it on the pizza, the burger, the grilled veg. It knows no bounds and leads the way for new and exciting flavour combos. This is something we want to achieve with all of our products. Which is where the name Trodden Black comes in. Taken from the poem, The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost, we have used the phrase to signify our ambition to lead you down the path into new unfamiliar territory. In a good way... 

Once enough of our friends and family told us that our jams were super wicked awesome, we decided to turn this passion into a business. Within three months we were trading, and now we just want to keep growing, experimenting and creating the best chilli jams and hot sauces around.


Our Chilli Death Jams are linking the world between sweet preserves and hot sauces. This isn't 'that same old jam' you spread on your morning toast. Well it can be, we won't judge! Call them whatever you want... jams, relish, chutneys, sauces, they are extremely versatile. 


The ingredients we use are fresh and each small batch is hand chopped, peeled and squeezed by us in our wee kitchen. We believe in flavour before heat so you’ll find our products packed with ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and citrus fruits to create tasty combinations. We do not compromise with adding unnecessary nasties, or added pectin (sorry jam makers) we want the fruit to do the work and the texture to be flexible.


All of our suppliers, from our ingredients to our packaging, is sourced from British companies. We are very passionate about our wee planet, so throughout our process we try to keep our footprint to a minimum, use, reuse and recycle.


Who doesn't love a hot sauce? From Tabasco to Sriracha, there are hundreds of styles and flavours out there to chose from. Our Dead Hot Sauces are all about challenging the conventional methods and flavour combinations. A lot of sauces out there use water, for instance, which not only bulks out their batches but also creates disingenuous heat level as water makes the heat worse. That's why you should never drink water to quell the pain, only fatty, sugary or alcoholic drinks will help, a White Russian for example. 

We aren't saying we are doing it better, that's up to you. It's just different. We will promise to always deliver high quality sauces that deliver interesting flavour combinations and great balance of heat. I don't pretend to have a steel stomach so I'll try not subject you to gut burning, excessive heat. Unless you ask for it.  

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