We started trading in December 2018 after travelling through South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia. The idea to make chilli jam came to us during our journey, slowly developing our palates and our recipes as we went. We kept hearing the phrase ‘Off The Beaten Track’ whilst exploring areas of the South East. Being Scottish, this phrase didn’t quite sit with us so we started our own phrase ‘Off The Trodden Trail’ *imagine a strong Scottish accent rolling the Rs*. This became our company name until we came across the poem ‘The Road Not Taken’ by Robert Frost, and it was perfect, we had it - Trodden Black.

Once enough of our friends and family told us that our jams were super wicked awesome, we decided to turn this passion into a business. Within three months we were trading, and now we just want to keep growing, experimenting and creating the best chilli jams and hot sauces around.


Our Chilli Death Jams are linking the world between sweet preserves and hot sauces. This isn't 'that same old jam' you spread on your morning toast. Well it can be, we won't judge! Call them whatever you want... jams, relish, chutneys, sauces, they are extremely versatile. 


The ingredients we use are fresh and each small batch is hand chopped, peeled and de-seeded by us in our wee kitchen. We believe in flavour before heat so you’ll find our products packed with ingredients such as ginger, turmeric, and citrus fruits to create delish combinations. We do not compromise with adding unnecessary nasties, or added pectin (sorry jam makers) we want the fruit to do the work.


All of our suppliers, from our ingredients to our packaging, is sourced from British companies. We are very passionate about our wee planet, so throughout our process we try to keep our footprint to a minimum, use, reuse and recycle.